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Sonobond in the News

Sonobond in the News

Sonobond's team of technical experts is constantly improving and updating our product line to meet changing customer requirements.

For example, our SonoWeld® and our SpliceRite™ welders can process tin-coated wires and terminals-and they're the ONLY ultrasonic welders with this capability! Our equipment efficiently replaces soldering with a method that is faster and has better electrical conductivity.

Click on the SonoWeld® or SpliceRite™ pages, under Welders/Bonders section, for more information.

The students used the SeamMasterTM High Profile ultrasonic “sewing machine” to develop original 3-D surface designs for blouses and tops. With the Sonobond machine enabling…
Attendees will see the SeamMaster™ High Profile Ultrasonic Bonder and SureCut™ 35 Ultrasonic Cutter at Booth #1371. They can also view a new multi-media presentation…
The Editorial staff selected Sonobond's custom-tooled SonoWeld 1600 as one of the top wire harness and cable connector products of the year.
The company has two ultrasonic bonders that are ideal for helping to assemble body armor that must comply with tough NIJ standards. Those attending the…
Sample ultrasonic welds are made using materials supplied by prospective customers. Sonobond then recommends the ultrasonic metal welder that is best suited to each company’s…
The Company's ultrasonic assembly machinery is used for a wide variety of filtration applications in the automotive, airline, food, paper, pharmaceutical, air & water filtration,…
Sample ultrasonic bonds are made using materials supplied by prospective customers. Sonobond then recommends the appropriate ultrasonic bonding equipment to match each firm’s specific needs…

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Published September 13, 2012

Sonobond Ultrasonic Welders Used to Assemble Batteries

The SonoWeld® 1600 Ultrasonic Digital Metal Spot Welder and Dual Head Ultrasonic Spot Welder are ideal for attaching multiple layers of foil to battery tabs and terminals.…
Attendees at FILTRATION 2012 (Philadelphia, November 13-15) are Invited to Learn About Sonobond’s Versatile Bonding Equipment for Assembling Filters and Filtration Products Without Using Thread, Glue, or…

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Published July 2, 2012

Sonobond Introduces a Video on the Dual Head SpliceRite

Viewers can watch an ultrasonic weld being made during the 2 1/2-minute presentation. They’ll also learn that Sonobond has the only ultrasonic welding technology able to effectively…
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