Read the process utilized by the company to ensure welds meet customers' specific application requirements and see Blue Jeans Cable customization examples.

Sonobond’s ultrasonic equipment produces watertight enclosures for the ballistic components contained in K9 Storm Patrol-Swat vests for working dogs.  The vests now exceed National Institute of Justice wet-conditioning standards, preventing the bulletproof material inside from becoming damaged or ineffective due to exposure to moisture, and ensuring that dogs have the personal protection comparable to that worn by their human handlers.Patrol-Swat vests for worker dogs are assembled with the SeamMaster® High Profile Ultrasonic Sewing Machine to ensure seams in the inner nylon shell are perfectly fused and impervious to moisture.

The students used the SeamMasterTM High Profile ultrasonic “sewing machine” to develop original 3-D surface designs for blouses and tops. With the Sonobond machine enabling students to streamline cutting, embossing and creating other decorative effects normally achieved through traditional time- and labor-intensive methods, the results were spectacular.

Two Sonobond machines—a SpliceRite™ Ultrasonic Wire Splicer and a SonoWeld® 1600 Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welder—remained operational after a devastating storm demolished the production area of SolaHD’s Rainsville, Alabama facility.

Devine’s contribution to Volume 6A‐‐Welding Fundamentals and Processes‐‐reflects her many years of innovative leadership and exceptional expertise in the field of ultrasonic technology.

Cornell Dubilier has years of experience using Sonobond equipment to ultrasonically weld multiple layers of foil to capacitor posts. Now the company is adding a SonoWeld® 1600 Spot Welder to extend its range of weldable materials.

This Lexington, Kentucky company has determined Sonobond’s textile-bonding modules are the ideal choice for fast, reliable assembly of its innovative “Greener Lifestyle” products.

First Choice Armor & Equipment is one example of the leading body armor manufacturers that rely on Sonobond equipment. Since 2004, this company has used several SeamMaster™ units to bond the waterproof membranes that cover ballistic panels.

The SeamMaster™ High Profile ultrasonic sewing machine produces seams that are so perfectly fused and sealed that they can be used to comply with OSHA regulations for barrier seams — without using thread, glue, or other consumables. 

Sonobond's SeamMaster™ High Profile ultrasonic sewing machine has proven to be a reliable, cost-effective addition to the production line of Velcon Filters, Inc.

These powerful units were developed in an Advanced Technology Program with Ford Motor Company and are highly effective for welding large, aluminum parts. They permit more travel between the tip and anvil, have a deeper throat and can be operated by a robot arm.

Sonobond’s Ultrasonic “Sewing Machine” used by Cornell University Fashion Design Students to Streamline Apparel Assembly.

The Sonobond® Weldmaster™ and Tube Terminator™ earn the praise of TPI Corporation for quality metal welding and reliable performance.

J&M Products Reports Outstanding Results with SpliceRite™ Wire Splicers.

When the Axiom Group of Companies launched their new electronics division in 2000, ultrasonics was the only assembly method they considered to provide the high quality metal welds required for their product. The Ontario, Canada company manufactures wire harnesses and plastic components for automotive door mechanisms. 

The phrase “Failure is not an option” may have been coined by a NASA executive, but it also represents the feelings of those who supply armored vests and accessories for the military and law enforcement. Since a product failure can result in a life or death situation, there is no room for error in the manufacture of bullet-proof products. That’s why Paraclete Armor & Equipment of St. Paul’s North Carolina has replaced its sewing assembly method with ultrasonic bonding equipment from Sonobond Ultrasonics.

Sonobond Ultrasonics announced today that filter manufacturers are utilizing a variety of ultrasonic bonding machines for assembly of filter media. The unique advantages that ultrasonic technology offers is especially useful for manufacturers of HEPA rated products.

Manufacturers of electronic components, looking for consistent and efficient weld performance, are utilizing powerful ultrasonic equipment from Sonobond Ultrasonics for wire welding applications. Sonobond’s line of ultrasonic welders includes the most powerful ultrasonic spot welding system in the world, and the only ultrasonic welder that can join up to 10 stranded wires from a flat flexible circuit to multi-connection terminals in a single pulse. 

Ultrasonic metal welding equipment from Sonobond Ultrasonics is helping ElectroCanada improve their metal welding capability and reduce cost. The Toronto-based manufacturer provides wire harnesses for the automotive industry, as well as off-road vehicles.

Sonobond Ultrasonics, a leader in the manufacturing of ultrasonic bonding and cutting equipment for textiles, has developed a variation of its best-selling SeamMaster for cutting and sealing plastic films and synthetic fabrics, such as those used to manufacture insulating blankets used in the aerospace industry.

Ultrasonic bonding units from Sonobond Ultrasonics are providing AmericanAirFilter with a fast, efficient assembly method to manufacture several types of commercial air filters. AAF International®, located in Louisville, Kentucky, provides filtration products for HVAC applications, dust collection, nuclear and bio-chemical products.

Kuss Filtration Uses Ultrasonic SeamMaster from Sonobond in Assembly of Fuel Filters.

When Polaris Pool Systems, manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners, needed a tighter seal for the bearing in its turbine wheel assembly, they utilized the SureWeld 20 ultrasonic plastic welder from Sonobond Ultrasonics. The welder, which is ideal for bonding large plastic parts, and hard-to-weld materials, ultrasonically welds the bearing into the turbine wheel, creating a strong molecular bond.

In 1988, the Sub-Zero Freezer Company of Madison, Wisconsin began utilizing a new ultrasonic welder from Sonobond Ultrasonics for its freezer and refrigerator assembly. Known as the Tube Terminator, this new welder had the capability to crimp and seal copper tubing quickly and cleanly without brazing. Sub-Zero was one of the first manufacturers to use ultrasonic technology for appliance assembly. At first, it represented a complete departure from their traditional assembly methods, but in the intervening 10 years, Sub-Zero has incorporated the Tube Terminator into a majority of its production lines, according to Dick Steinfeldt, Manufacturing Engineer at Sub-Zero. "The Tube Terminator is used to seal the copper tubes that charge the cabinet with refrigerant," says Steinfeldt. "With brazing, we had experienced a small amount of refrigerant leakage, due to bubbling in the crimp area during brazing. Since the ultrasonic Tube Terminator seals to one-wall thickness, we have eliminated any leakage problems."