Company's SpliceRiteTM Ultrasonic Wire Splicer will be demonstrated at the National Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee, WI, May 10-11, in Booth #1548.

Visit FILTRATION 2016 (Philadelphia, November 8-10), Booth # 620 to Learn About Sonobond’s Versatile Bonding Equipment for Assembling Filters and Filtration Products Without Using Thread, Glue, or Other Consumables

Sonobond’s ultrasonic metal welding technology provides a cost-effective, environmentally friendly method for attaching multiple layers of foil to battery terminals, even for the assembly of new, innovative, rechargeable batteries designed to store electrical energy from alternative and conventional sources.Increased trade show participation parallels expected spike in demand for innovative energy storage.

A microprocessor-controlled, spot-welding system, Sonobond’s Ultrasonic Single Point Ground Welder can ultrasonically weld as many as 18 wires onto a single terminal with just one pulse, eliminating the electrical noise produced by the large number of complex electronic components in automotive circuitsCompany's metal welders--all made in the U.S.A.--accommodate a variety of specialty applications, like the SPG 2600 wire-to-terminal welders that produce single point ground terminals that eliminate electrical noise caused by multiple ground connections

SeamMaster® High Profile Ultrasonic Sewing Machines Help Manufacturers Produce Leak-Proof Seams in Underwear Used for Bedwetting Protection.

US-Made Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machines Offer Manufacturers Increased Productivity and Efficiency.

Sonobond’s Ultrasonic Splicing Capabilities to be Featured at the May 2015 Electrical Wire Processing Expo

Sonobond Helps Manufacturers Meet Increasing Demand for Life-Saving Protective Apparel and Disposable Medical Items

Sonobond Remains the Leading Provider of Ultrasonic Bonders as Filters Made with Synthetic Blends Gain in Usage

Attendees will see the SeamMaster™ High Profile Ultrasonic Bonder and SureCut™ 35 Ultrasonic Cutter at Booth #1371. They can also view a new multi-media presentation featuring Sonobond machines in action-including the award-winning RingMasterTM-and showing the wide variety of products assembled using the company's ultrasonic equipment.

Bolstered by Sonobond's participation in the China International Battery Industry Fair and their new China-based sales agent, the Company's ultrasonic battery assembly equipment is now being used by several Chinese manufacturers.

The company has two ultrasonic bonders that are ideal for helping to assemble body armor that must comply with tough NIJ standards. Those attending the SHOT Show are invited to learn more by visiting Sonobond at Booth #14679 in the Sands Expo & Convention Center, January 15-18.

The SonoWeld® 1600 Ultrasonic Digital Metal Spot Welder and Dual Head Ultrasonic Spot Welder are ideal for attaching multiple layers of foil to battery tabs and terminals. In fact, the Dual Head is the only ultrasonic spot welder capable of welding up to 80 layers of foil with just one pulse.

The company produces a wide variety of ultrasonic metal welders and textile/filter assembly equipment. Two of its most unique and popular machines were demonstrated at Assembly Tech Expo 2012.