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Sonobond's team of technical experts is constantly improving and updating our product line to meet changing customer requirements.

For example, our SonoWeld® and our SpliceRite™ welders can process tin-coated wires and terminals-and they're the ONLY ultrasonic welders with this capability! Our equipment efficiently replaces soldering with a method that is faster and has better electrical conductivity.

Click on the SonoWeld® or SpliceRite™ pages, under Welders/Bonders section, for more information.

Ultrasonic metal welders accommodate specific assembly configuration requirements of rechargeable batteries used to store electrical energy from alternative and conventional sources.

A microprocessor-controlled, spot-welding system, Sonobond’s Ultrasonic Single Point Ground Welder can ultrasonically weld as many as 18 wires onto a single terminal with just one pulse, eliminating the electrical noise produced by the large number of complex electronic components in automotive circuitsCompany's metal welders--all made in the U.S.A.--accommodate a variety of specialty applications, like the SPG 2600 wire-to-terminal welders that produce single point ground terminals that eliminate electrical noise caused by multiple ground connections

SeamMaster® High Profile Ultrasonic Sewing Machines Help Manufacturers Produce Leak-Proof Seams in Underwear Used for Bedwetting Protection.

Company’s Ultrasonic Metal Welders Offer Environmentally Friendly Assembly Method for Next-Generation Energy Storage.

US-Made Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machines Offer Manufacturers Increased Productivity and Efficiency.

More than 30 Leading Manufacturers Use Sonobond Equipment to Achieve Improved Production Speed, Product Durability, Cost-Effectiveness and Compliance with Tough NIJ Standards

Sonobond’s Ultrasonic Splicing Capabilities to be Featured at the May 2015 Electrical Wire Processing Expo

Sonobond Helps Manufacturers Meet Increasing Demand for Life-Saving Protective Apparel and Disposable Medical Items

Sonobond Remains the Leading Provider of Ultrasonic Bonders as Filters Made with Synthetic Blends Gain in Usage