Sonobond in the News


Sonobond's team of technical experts is constantly improving and updating our product line to meet changing customer requirements.

For example, our SonoWeld® and our SpliceRite™ welders can process tin-coated wires and terminals-and they're the ONLY ultrasonic welders with this capability! Our equipment efficiently replaces soldering with a method that is faster and has better electrical conductivity.

Click on the SonoWeld® or SpliceRite™ pages, under Welders/Bonders section, for more information.

The company's custom-tooled SonoWeld®1600 Ultrasonic Spot Welder is one of Wire Harness & Cable Connector’s top products of 2012. The publication highlights Sonobond’s ability to modify its welder and satisfy unique customer requirements.

Devine’s contribution to Volume 6A‐‐Welding Fundamentals and Processes‐‐reflects her many years of innovative leadership and exceptional expertise in the field of ultrasonic technology.

The SeamMasterTM High Profile ultrasonic sewing machine produces water-tight seams so body armor meets NIJ submersion requirements.

The ultrasonic process helps ensure quick production of capacitors, which conform to the highest standards of dependability. The company adds another Sonobond welder to help extend its range of weldable materials.

The Company is pleased by both the performance of Sonobond’s equipment to weld foils to capacitor posts and by its commitment to helping CD find customized welding solutions.

Cornell Dubilier has years of experience using Sonobond equipment to ultrasonically weld multiple layers of foil to capacitor posts. Now the company is adding a SonoWeld® 1600 Spot Welder to extend its range of weldable materials.

This Lexington, Kentucky company has determined Sonobond’s textile-bonding modules are the ideal choice for fast, reliable assembly of its innovative “Greener Lifestyle” products.

JL Filtration Makes Filter Bags with RingMasterTM and PlungBonderTM

This Canadian company has used Sonobond's ultrasonic machines since 2005 to produce single-layered filters utilized in its in-field inspection of oil pipelines. These filter bags ensure the testing water is properly cleaned before it is returned to the environment.

Sonobond has the Only Ultrasonic Welder Capable of One-Pulse Splicing of 100 mm² Wire Bundles.

The unique Dual Head SpliceRiteTM is another example of the company's ultrasonic metal welding innovations that has enabled it to maintain its leadership position since 1960.

First Choice Armor & Equipment is one example of the leading body armor manufacturers that rely on Sonobond equipment. Since 2004, this company has used several SeamMaster™ units to bond the waterproof membranes that cover ballistic panels.