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Sonobond's team of technical experts is constantly improving and updating our product line to meet changing customer requirements.

For example, our SonoWeld® and our SpliceRite™ welders can process tin-coated wires and terminals-and they're the ONLY ultrasonic welders with this capability! Our equipment efficiently replaces soldering with a method that is faster and has better electrical conductivity.

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JL Filtration Makes Filter Bags with RingMasterTM and PlungBonderTM

This Canadian company has used Sonobond's ultrasonic machines since 2005 to produce single-layered filters utilized in its in-field inspection of oil pipelines. These filter bags ensure the testing water is properly cleaned before it is returned to the environment.

Sonobond has the Only Ultrasonic Welder Capable of One-Pulse Splicing of 100 mm² Wire Bundles.

The unique Dual Head SpliceRiteTM is another example of the company's ultrasonic metal welding innovations that has enabled it to maintain its leadership position since 1960.

First Choice Armor & Equipment is one example of the leading body armor manufacturers that rely on Sonobond equipment. Since 2004, this company has used several SeamMaster™ units to bond the waterproof membranes that cover ballistic panels.

The company's product line offers significant advantages over other brands of ultrasonic welding equipment. For example, Sonobond metal spot welders use the patented Wedge-Reed coupling system that combines high vibratory force with low amplitude ultrasonics. This enables them to weld most tinned and oxidized metals - in just one pulse and without precleaning. True metallurgical bonds are created in nonferrous materials for wire-to-terminal, wire-to-wire and thin sheet metal applications.

The SeamMaster™ High Profile ultrasonic sewing machine produces seams that are so perfectly fused and sealed that they can be used to comply with OSHA regulations for barrier seams — without using thread, glue, or other consumables. 

Sonobond's SeamMaster™ High Profile ultrasonic sewing machine has proven to be a reliable, cost-effective addition to the production line of Velcon Filters, Inc.

Lake Cable LLC manufactures wire and cable assemblies for the power generation, energy distribution, building automation and fire systems industries. Its new SonoWeld metal welder features a custom anvil slide assembly, as well as a modified frame, which accommodates materials up to 4.5 inches wide.

These powerful units were developed in an Advanced Technology Program with Ford Motor Company and are highly effective for welding large, aluminum parts. They permit more travel between the tip and anvil, have a deeper throat and can be operated by a robot arm.

Sonobond’s Ultrasonic “Sewing Machine” used by Cornell University Fashion Design Students to Streamline Apparel Assembly.

The Sonobond® Weldmaster™ and Tube Terminator™ earn the praise of TPI Corporation for quality metal welding and reliable performance.