Dual Head SpliceRite metal welder

  • Features two ultrasonic welding heads, one on either side of the welding area, for increased welding capacity
  • Welds wire bundles with cross-sectional areas of up to 100 sq. mm.—in a single pulse. It’s suitable for heavy-duty cables used in cars, trucks and industrial machinery
  • Accommodates lightly tinned or oxidized wires
  • Creates solid-state metallurgical bonds with high conductivity and without producing arcs, sparks or fumes, or melting at the weldment
  • Microprocessor controller welds by height, energy or time, and can recall up to 250 weld protocols
  • Uses Sonobond's 3,500 watt power supply
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View the Ultrasonic Wire Splicing video

View the Dual Head SpliceRite ultrasonic metal welder video