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See Our SeamMaster® Ultrasonic Sewing Machine Assembly of Medical Face Masks

See Our Textile and Filter Assembly Equipment & Applications

Sonobond Ultrasonic Bonders Offer Unique Advantages for Nonwovens, Textiles and Filters

  • Cleanly cut and seal edges of synthetics and nonwovens
  • Eliminate fraying, unraveling, and material build-up
  • Need no needles, threads, adhesives, or other consumables
  • Four times faster than sewing machines
  • Ten times faster than adhesive machines
  • Minimal operator training required
Product ribbon and trim cost effectivelySeams medical disposables without threads or glue


  • General purpose sewing
  • Lacing and quilting
  • Filters
  • Medical disposables
  • Cuffs and sleeves
  • Ribbons and trims
  • Ballistic vests and body armor

... and much, much more!

View the Filter Assembly Demo