SeamMaster machine and industry applications

Sonobond has been awarded trademark registration for its complete line of ultrasonic “sewing” equipment that bonds nonwoven and synthetic materials.  The units are now known as SeamMaster® Ultrasonic Sewing Machines.

The first SeamMaster® Ultrasonic Sewing Machine was introduced in October 1991 to meet demands for safer medical garments and disposable items. The machine’s high-frequency vibratory waves produce bonded edges and secure seams without stitch holes, glue gaps, fraying or unraveling, to meet tough OSHA regulatory requirements for barrier seams. 

Assembly Applications Skyrocket

Applications for SeamMaster® Ultrasonic Sewing Machines have exploded over the past two decades, in part due to the equipment’s versatility, minimal training requirements and more than 500 interchangeable pattern rollers. They are used for slitting, lace making, embossing and stitching, and provide assembly solutions whenever sewn seams are not adequate to satisfy end-use requirements.

Creating an Ultrasonic Bond

SeamMaster® Ultrasonic Sewing Machines look and operate like traditional sewing machines, using ultrasonic vibrations instead of needles or thread to cut, sew and trim in one pass—at speeds up to four times faster than conventional sewing machines. The units use a patented rotary operation, where both horn and pattern wheel rotate at the same time to produce ultra-reliable, soft-to-the-touch seams.

Sonobond’s equipment can bond materials that are synthetic or blends containing up to 40% natural fibers. The high-frequency vibrations cause the synthetic fibers to soften and fuse, creating a durable seal without the gaps caused by glue—and at speeds up to 10 times faster than with adhesive methods.

Variety of Models

In addition to its first general purpose ultrasonic sewing machine, Sonobond offers SM10 table-mounted ultrasonic cutter/sealer units and modules for OEM integration.

The SeamMaster® Ultrasonic High Profile Sewing Machine is currently the most popular model because of its large pattern wheel, high clearance, and ability to accommodate bulky materials and hand-guided operations with tight tolerances and curves. In fact, the machine is used by most major manufacturers of body armor throughout the world to seal the inner shell of ballistic vests and produce a bond so reliable that it complies with NIJ submersion standards to protect the inner layer of ballistic-resistant materials from water leaks.

Arrange for Free Sample Bonds Made With Your Own Materials

Click for FREE SAMPLE WELDS made with your specific materials. See the results before you buy!Sonobond offers a no-cost, no-obligation Ultrasonic Bonding Viability Test to produce sample assemblies with your own nonwoven or synthetic fabrics. This allows you to match our equipment to your specific application and confirm that our products deliver the quality ultrasonic bonding you need. Submit your materials now to see how SeamMaster® Ultrasonic Sewing Machines can handle your manufacturing needs:


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